Truu and Evernym

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Introducing: Truu and Evernym
Featuring Manreet Nijjar, Co- founder & CEO, Truu
Andrew Tobin, Managing Director, EMEA, Evernym

Truu is modernising the way medical services verify staff identities, qualifications and certifications. Employees will be able to prove who they are instantly, securely and digitally.

Our approach will enable healthcare professionals to spend more time caring for patients. We will empower doctors and reduce the administrative burden for healthcare organisations. Truu is uniquely positioned thanks to our expertise and collaborative relationships across three core domains.

Evernym are the global leaders in the field of self-sovereign identity. We are the inventors of Hyperledger Indy and the founders of the Sovrin Foundation. Our technology is powering the new wave of secure digital interactions, reducing friction and making the internet a better place for everyone.

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