Hui GongCo-founder, Global Token Exchange (GTEX).

    Hui (Hugo) Gong is an expert in blockchain, cryptocurrency and market making strategy. He has been actively involved in the blockchain and crypto-currency industry for several years where he accumulated extensive relationship and resources in both China and UK. He co-found the China-UK Blockchain Association and Global Token Exchange (GTEX). Before the entrepreneurship, Hugo is a researcher at UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies (CBT), specialising in the research of cryptocurrency and the associated risk of cryptocurrency trading. Currently studying a PhD in Financial Mathematics at University College London (UCL) and previously working in University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) as a visiting scholar, he has extensive research experience in blockchain, cryptocurrencies and high-frequency trading. In addition, he specialises in derivatives pricing, risk management strategies, artificial intelligence and operational and procedural simplification in leading investment banks. Some of his highlighted engagements:

    UCL Blockchain Institute

    lUnited Nations Food and Drug Agency Digital Identity Program

    lICO Global Regulation and Challenges

    Credit Suisse


    Front office ‘Big data driven investment recommendation’ and associated products

    Index product

    Derivatives pricing and risk management products



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    WeChat: gonghui8849

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