Evidence Meeting 7 – Finance & Cryptocurrencies | Insurance

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All-Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain 

Evidence Meeting 7 – Finance & Cryptocurrencies | Insurance

Tuesday, 22nd January 2019  5.30pm-7pm
Venue: Boothroyd Room, Portcullis House

Chaired by Damien Moore Secretariat – Big Innovation Centre

Featured speakers

Cryptocurrencies & Finance:

  • Dr Hui Gong, Co-Founder, China UK Blockchain Association (Cryptocurrencies)
  • Simon Taylor, Co-Founder and Blockchain Practice Lead, 11: FS (Cryptocurrencies)
  • Haoda Li, Head of Global Markets, Huobi Europe, Huobi Global (Cryptocurrencies)
  • Victoria Thompson, Head of Innovation Legal, Barclays (Finance)
  • Marc Piano, Associate, Fox Williams LLP (Finance)

Insurance: (from 55:50)

  • Dr Jianhua Shao, Solutions Architect, Alibaba Cloud International
  • Areiel Wolanow, Managing Director, Finserv Experts
  • Phillip Harrison, Head of Digital Process, Fifth 9

Each part began with opening remarks from our panel and opened up to an active Q&A.

The topic of this evidence meeting is Finance & Cryptocurrencies | Insurance.

Our panel will be asked to explore the following questions:

Finance & Cryptocurrencies

  • What is the future of money, payment systems and financial transactions? (Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, ICO)
  • What does it mean for financial stakeholders? (people, shops, investors, banks)


  • How can Blockchain disrupt the foundation of insurance through peer to peer schemes?
  • Can it allow risk to be shared without an intermediary?
  • Can Blockchain disrupt the business of claims handling by allowing incidents to be recorded across distributed databases?
  • Will it reduce the opportunity for fraud?

Full written overview will be uploaded soon.

Twitter: @appg_blockchain

Watch the full evidence meeting below (the session on Insurance begins at 55:50)

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