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A Hands-on Blockchain Experience for MPs

Live Blockchain Showcase held in Parliament presenting real-life blockchain applications from the UK’s emerging blockchain industry

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain (APPG Blockchain) held a live showcase in Parliament this evening attended by Parliamentarians from both houses.

This follows last year’s major analysis mapping the UK Blockchain industry, which determined that Britain has the required resources to be a global hub for blockchain technology, produced by Big Innovation Centre (Secretariat of APPG Blockchain), Deep Knowledge Analytics and DAG Global, and in collaboration with APPG Blockchain.

Professor Birgitte Andersen, CEO, Big Innovation Centre, said:

“The UK’s Blockchain industry has emerged and become real. It’s happening today, and we need for policy makers to be in sync with the pace. With the Internet, it’s hard to explain; you have to experience it to understand it. It is exactly the same with Blockchain.”

Damien Moore MP, Chair of APPG Blockchain said:

“It’s natural that society feels challenged by the fast adoption of new technologies such as Blockchain. I am pleased to see how APPG Blockchain is able to bring industry and parliamentarians together to showcase how blockchain can work for business, government and society, and the benefits and opportunities that blockchain can bring us all.”

The LIVE Showcase featured four companies who demonstrated their real life blockchain technology to an audience of Parliamentarians, Government officials, Industry and Thought Leaders.

The four featured companies and their respected blockchains were

  • IOTA – Global Trade
  • Oracle – Food Supply Chain, Certified origin of Olive Oil
  • Everledger – Diamonds Supply Chain
  • Lloyd’s of London, on behalf of the London Market Target Operating Model (LMTOM) program –  Insurance, Claims and transaction settlement

Fernando Santiago, Blockchain Research and Project Manager at Big Innovation Centre, said:

“The vast breadth of the emerging UK Blockchain industry covered is incredible; we are showcasing 14 blockchain applications in Parliament and online from across insurance, global trade, healthcare, finance and education sectors and also from industries and their supply chains. This is a pivotal moment for UK, which could define our future leadership in governance, commerce and competition.”

APPG Blockchain, which is managed by Big Innovation Centre, was set up in January 2018 to ensure that industry and society benefit from the full potential of blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies (DLT) making the UK a leader in Blockchain/DLT’s innovation and implementation.

In the run up to the Showcase, APPG Blockchain launched an Online Blockchain Showcase, featuring 10 companies and their blockchain application videos. These companies were also featured at the event where they undertook a “One-Minute Challenge” suggesting how government can support the implementation of Blockchain

The event was held at Portcullis House, on Monday March 18th at 7pm.

Margot James MP, the Minister of State for the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport was invited to open the event.



There are a number of press spaces available for this event, if you would like to attend, or for media enquires please contact or call 0203 7134036

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BIG INNOVATION CENTRE is building global innovation and investment hubs that make the world more purposeful and our cities happier places – through the enormous potential of future-tech, creativity and innovation. Great companies and public policy committed to open innovation are the foundations for economic success – we create more of them. (London, Riyadh, Dubai)

Big Innovation Centre is currently the Secretariat for the All-Party Parliamentary Group on AI (APPG AI) and the All Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain (APPG Blockchain)

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