Evidence Meeting 9: Creative Industries | The Next Generation Services

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Evidence Meeting 9 – Creative Industries | The Next Generation Services
14th May 2019 – 17:30-19:00
Venue: Boothroyd Room, Portcullis House

Chaired by Damien Moore MP

Confirmed speakers:

Creative Industries

-Dr Christian de Vartavan, Advisor and Global Ambassador, Publiq
-Marcus O’Dair, Associate Dean, Knowledge Exchange and Enterprise, University of the Arts of London
-Gilane Tawadros, Chief Executive, DACS

Next Generation Services :

-Jack du Rose, Co-Founder, CEO, Colony
-Kathrin Hauck, Founder, Project Crowd
-Peter Bidewell, Blockchain Technology Advisor, Accenture 

The event started with opening remarks from our panel and opened up to an active Q&A.

The topic of this evidence meeting was Creative Industries | Next Generation Services. Our panel will be asked to explore the following questions:

Our panel was asked to explore the following questions for each topic:

Creative Industries:

In today’s digital era to understand how to value and monetise something “ephemeral” like a digital file has been hard for creators

Will Blockchain empower creators in today’s digital era?
Will it serve consumers and the creators?

The Next Generation Services:

With a rise of Gig Economy, can Blockchain provide a global live database of available workforce on demand?
What is the economic environment we need for blockchain-enabled businesses to operate in (Share Economy)?
What does the future of work and jobs look like?

Full written overview will be uploaded soon.

Twitter: @appg_blockchain

Watch the full evidence meeting below (the session on The Next Generation Services begins at 47:30)

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