Evidence Meeting 8 – Healthcare | Energy & Environment

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All-Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain 

Evidence Meeting 8 – Healthcare | Energy & Environment

Tuesday, 12th March 2019 – 6:00pm-7:30pm
Venue: Boothroyd Room, Portcullis House

Chaired by Lord Truscott
Secretariat – Big Innovation Centre

Featured speakers


  • Dr Navin Ramachandran, Healthcare specialist in distributed ledgers and IoT, IOTA foundation
  • Raja Sharif, CEO and Founder, FarmaTrust
  • Dr Manreet Nijjar, Co-founder & CEO, Truu

Energy & Environment:

  • Marzia Zafar, Director, Issues Monitor & Innovation, World Energy Council
  • Alastair Marke, Director-General, Blockchain Climate Institute / Chair, Committee on Energy, Climate Change & Green Finance, British Blockchain Association

The event started with opening remarks from our panel and opened up to an active Q&A.

Our panel was asked to explore the following questions for each topic:


  • How can Blockchain be applied to healthcare?
  • Can drug traceability be improved?
  • Will transactions between manufacturers, wholesalers, doctors and patients be verified to tackle counterfeit drugs?

Energy and Environment

  • Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies’ mining is very energy intensive. Is the environmental cost of the digital currency becoming too high?
  •  What Blockchain usage can we envision for the future of energy sector? 3) How can Blockchain help tackle environmental challenges?

Full written overview will be uploaded soon.

Twitter: @appg_blockchain

Watch the full evidence meeting below (the session on Energy and Environment  begins at 58:30)

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