Yuet Ning ChauCo-founder, China-UK Blockchain Association

    Yuet is the co-founder of China-UK Blockchain Association, Crescent Fintech Ltd and Global Token Exchange (GTEX). Yuet graduated from London School of Economics and Political Science LSE with a Master’s degree in business. Working in PwC UK after graduation in banking and capital market team, working closely with large banks and financial institution. Yuet Chau possesses solid knowledge in traditional financial and banking services through several financial service engagements. However, his true passion lies in disruptive financial technology. Thus, motivated and intrigued by the enormous potential of Fintech and blockchain, he quitted his professional job to start his journey in blockchain industry. His passion on disruptive technology began on a placement in a Chinese-backed Fintech venture capital in London where he researched and advised municipal governments on ‘Feature Town’ and ‘Smart Cities’ development and the potential adoption of e-city technology infrastructure in 2nd/3rd Tier Chinese provinces. Yuet later got involved in in-depth research on blockchain business use cases and Fintech companies based on Level 39, the largest blockchain start-ups incubator in Europe, and led a number of business trips where Chinese leading Fintech company and institutions came to the UK to explore possible collaboration with UK companies.


    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yuet-ning-chau/

    Twitter: @YuetNing_Chau

    WeChat: Yuetningchau


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