Xiaoxiao (Michelle) MiaoInnovation-strategy Partnership Manager, Big Innovation Centre

    Michelle Miao is responsible for developing and maintaining strategic corporate and government partnerships in AI and Blockchain industry, especially with East Asian economics such as China, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Middle East.

    She leads on Magna Carta Blockchain Forum to address global governance and application of Blockchain with international stakeholders. She also designs and runs the Innovation Executive Training Programme for international delegations to understand the key elements of innovation management in the innovation sphere (especially AI and Blockchain) and the strategic economic management of Intellectual Property Right (IPR) assets.

    She organised Hub in a Day programme at Big Innovation Centre, designing bespoke fast track programme for international corporations wanting to raise their innovative capabilities especially in AI and Blockchain. She leads on facilitating strategic alliances with Chinese stakeholders.

    Michelle holds an MSc in Business Innovation of E-business at Birkbeck, University of London, and a BSc in Financial Management from Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, one of the top-tier business schools in China. English and mandarin as working language.

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