Carmen BenitezCEO, Fetch Blockchain ltd
    A first-generation American of Colombian descent, Carmen is the co-founder and CEO of Fetch Blockchain, Ltd a London based, venture-backed Blockchain company perfecting titles for Land Registries globally.
    Fetch Blockchain has patent-pending technology that perfects titles and its functionality for Land Registries and real estate stakeholders whilst enabling titles to be transactable on exchanges similar to traditional security-based assets. A serial entrepreneur, Carmen has negotiated multi-million-dollar partnerships with leading global companies in addition to raising millions in capital to support the growth of her businesses.
    Carmen has been featured in USA Today, The Australian Financial Review, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, TechCrunch, The New York Times, VentureBeat, the Business Times (Singapore), Bloomberg BusinessWeek and other national and international media. She is highly experienced in leading strategic partners across Digital Strategy, Transformation, Cybersecurity, Innovation, and Web 3.0 technologies.
    Carmen will be on the UK All Party Parliamentary Group’s – Blockchain Land Registration and Property task force participating in bringing major property players together to prototype and implement a roadmap for government to implement Blockchain into land registration and titling services.
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