Muhammad TanoliHead of Blockchain R&D, Consumer Node

    Muhammad Tanoli has been at the cutting edge of Blockchain technologies. He is the Head of Blockchain Research and Development of consumer Node. Muhammad has over 12 years of experience leading projects both in the public and private sector. He was Head of Blockchain R & D and Head of Technology Innovation of the open-source distributed ledger technology platform. He is the founder of Consumer Node, a decentralised data governance under GDPR and consumer data reporting network.

    He is currently engaged in Ph.D. from university of surrey. His research focus is on creating a decentralised model to address the issues of identity breaches and illegal data sharing.

    He is investigating the evolving technological context and unauthorized personal data exploitation by third parties including Data brokers eroding public trust. He is working on designing a decentralised Model under GDPR for data governance which will change the meaning of personal data control and ownership by empowering individuals to exert meaningful control over personal data (right to access, control, and self-data distribution). The model will incorporate GDPR 2018 Individual data protection rights in the smart contract including data sovereignty, privacy and security standards.

    Muhammad Tanoli’s decentralised model will enable businesses to integrate their legacy systems into the decentralised GDPR personal data governance for legitimate data sharing between consumers/citizen and commercial organization cross-sector and cross border including personal and commercially sensitive data.

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